About Us

CustomCall Data Systems, Inc. provides Billing, Provisioning and WorkFlow solutions to Communications Service Providers, such as telephone companies, Voice over Internet Protocol providers, cable TV and IPTV companies as well as wireless providers.

Billing System

CustomCall’s billing solution is provided as a turnkey, hosted product for CSPs, providing front-end order entry and account management, to back-end bill processing, invoice production and statement delivery. Clients use CustomCall’s proprietary front-end applications to enter and manage customer information that includes phone numbers and enhanced services to which the customer’s end user has subscribed.


CustomCall provides solutions for all your provisioning and gateway needs, as well as Sales Order Tracking, Billing Integration, real-time reporting and more. Service providers can electronically bond to the ILECs OSS system and perform all the Pre-Order and Ordering functions needed to acquire new customers quickly and efficiently. Our CompleteSuite allows facilities based carriers to acquire new customers, convert UNE-P customers to UNE-Loop and process all necessary ancillary services from one application.


CustomCall’s Workflow BPM is the company’s innovative business process management tool that allows companies to define, manage and automate provisioning and fulfillment. Using the Workflow design studio, clients can improve fulfillment intervals, automate service activation, porting and database updates, instantly respond to customer changes and expedite trouble tickets exactly how their business demands require.

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